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Difficulty understanding your teen?
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Difficulty making yourself heard?
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Difficulty communicating?

How we can help

Do you know that your family could communicate better but are not sure how and where to start?

I help parents create effective ways of dealing with high pressure everyday situations by promoting positive and authentic communication.

I build each coaching session and conversation tailored to your needs.

My Coaching

My coaching is based on the fields of:

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – working on your core values as a parent, fostering enhanced self-awareness, kindness and self-acceptance, and working together on your goals for committed action
  • Coaching Psychology – identifying & removing psychological blocks, working through unhelpful experiences and self-doubt and promoting authentic and positive communication
  • Positive Psychology – identifying, utilising & celebrating each family member’s natural strengths 

    Parent Coaching

    As each family is so unique, I don’t offer a set ‘coaching programme’. Instead, I base each conversation around your needs to promote helpful reflections to help you engage in ‘toward’ moves; moving us in the direction we desire. A brief selection of reflection tools and activities we might use are:

    • Naming & noticing
    • Choice Point
    • Emotion behind the Emotion
    • Kind Hand & Kind Mind
    • Urge Surfing: My Inner Critic vs Inner Coach
    • Identifying my Core Values & Natural Strengths
    • Become what I CAN BE ©
    • Circles of Parenting time & Me time

    Family Coaching:

    In my family coaching sessions, I work together with individual family members. A brief selection of some of the activities we might use are:

    • Positive Profiles: Values & Strengths of each family member
    • Away and Toward moves
    • Compassionate Communication: your behaviour, not you
    • Small acts of kindness & our Gratitude Post card
    • Authentic and non-emotive feedback in high-pressure situations
    • Right moment for the right message
    • 3 Positive triggers
    • Competitive advantage through marginal gains: small changes make the biggest difference