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Difficulty understanding your teen?
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Difficulty making yourself heard?
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Difficulty communicating?

How we can help

Do you know that your family could communicate better but are not sure how and where to start?

We help parents create effective ways of dealing with high pressure everyday situations by promoting positive and authentic communication.

We build each coaching programme tailored to your needs and requirements to help you flourish.

  • We offer online coaching for parents
  • We offer online coaching for select family members & whole families

Our Coaching

Our coaching is based on the fields of:

  • Sports Coaching – Increasing family performance & building stronger families
  • Coaching Psychology – identifying & removing psychological blocks, thinking errors and promoting authentic and positive communication
  • Positive Psychology – identifying, utilising & celebrating each family member’s natural strengths 

    Parent Coaching

    As each family is so unique, we don’t offer a set coaching programme. Instead, we handpick our carefully selected coaching tools based on the specific demands of each parent’s and child’s needs. A brief selection of our online parent coaching tools and activities are:

    • My Inner Critic vs Inner Coach
    • Using my Natural Strengths
    • ABCs of Successful Parenting
    • Goals2GET ©
    • Become what I CAN BE ©
    • Circles of Parenting time & Me time
    • My habits – what can I improve? What can I celebrate?
    • Unconditional Positive Regard: Their expectations vs Our expectations
    • Distributed Leadership: leading from the front or back?

    Family Coaching:

    In our family coaching sessions we work together with the whole family, or select family members, to promote harmony, playfulness, as well as open and positive communication. A brief selection of our family coaching tools and activities are:

    • Positive Profiles: Strengths of each family member
    • Our Habits Chart
    • Gratitude Post card ©
    • Compassionate Communication: your behaviour, not you
    • Small acts of kindness
    • Authentic and non-emotive feedback in high-pressure situations
    • Right moment 4 the right message
    • 3 Positive triggers
    • Competitive advantage through marginal gains: small changes makes the biggest difference