Great Coaching Questions for students

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

In coaching, I sometimes work with the ‘good questions’ activity. In this activity we work on areas of gratitude coming from the field of Positive Psychology. It is so inspiring to listen to students’ reflections of aspects of their life which they are grateful for, including areas in which they are grateful to themselves. I call it ‘gratituding’. Some questions which I ask are ‘what strengths have helped you get where you are now?’, ‘what 3 qualities do other people appreciate in you?, ‘what 4 positive words would describe you best’, ‘what are you grateful for, in yourself and in others’ and ‘when have you achieved something you didn’t think was possible?’ The answers I get from this coaching activity are phenomenal. It often feels as if this activity allows students to take a break from the perceived pressures, stress and negative narrative playing in their subconscious mind to bring forth the healthy aspects of gratitude, motivation, joy, happiness and enthusiasm, to their conscious awareness. Why don’t you take a moment to sit down and ask yourself and your child those questions? It will build a new sense of enlightenment and positive awareness, that we all certainly need a little more of!