I often find that students I work with have a predominant set of negative and unhelpful thoughts about themselves that is not only lowering their self-belief and wellbeing, but also have a significant negative effect on their academic performance. Simply put, whatever we tell ourselves we believe. If we repeat a negative thought or have a negative narrative about our-self and our potential, it will become our ‘truth’. It is almost like a running commentary that is accelerated in stressful situations and is what the cognitive behavioural approach call, ‘thinking errors’ and ‘automatic negative thoughts’. Those thoughts pass by unchallenged, often for years. So how can we help change those beliefs in our students to optimise their self-belief, wellbeing and performance? We can do that by helping them establish a set of positive, empowering and affirmative thoughts. And then help them practice those daily!  It could be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. When you’re in the process, why don’t you reflect on whether you engage in negative thoughts and change those as well? Get rid of your thinking errors. Throw them out! Replace them with affirmative and rational thoughts. It just takes a little bit of practice to turn it into a habit, and of course, some academic performance coaching.